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Kedron JAFC Policies & Processes

Kedron JAFC Code of Conduct

The Kedron Districts Junior Football Club aims to promote, cultivate and foster the game of Australian Rules Football to people aged 17 years or under within the district of Kedron and its surrounding suburbs. We also aim to educate, train, coach and encourage members of the Club in all aspects of life, not just specifically football. We cannot do this without the cooperation and support from that child’s family.

To ensure such cooperation and support, our Code of Conduct outlines the Club’s expectations for a player’s parents, step-parents, guardians, grandparents, extended family members, family friends and carers (collectively, parents). 

In developing this Code, the Club recognises that Parents ultimately want the best for their children. However, the Club also expects Parents to recognise that it must ultimately balance the interests of all of the Club’s stakeholders (including not only players and Parents, but also the Club’s volunteers and their right to a safe working environment).

This Code does not attempt to provide a detailed and exhaustive list of what to do in every aspect of a parent’s interactions with the Club and the Club community.  Instead, it sets out general expectations.  As such, this Code is intended to be practical, non-adversarial and non-legal.

Kedron JAFC Playing up Policy

The Kedron Districts Junior Football Club overwhelmingly encourages players to play in their age group. We believe AFL Queensland's strategy of aligning player age cutoffs with school age cutoffs produces good long term participation outcomes for players.

Players wishing to play up one age group are required to complete a “Kedron JAFC Playing Up Application” form. (e.g. eligible to play Under 9 but wishes to play Under 10 or higher). This form must be completed and returned to the Club Secretary prior to the player playing their first match for the age group.

The Kedron JAFC Committee will consider this application in line with the “Kedron JAFC Playing up Policy”.

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