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Our Purpose, Vision & Values

Our Purpose

Kedron JAFC’s purpose is to nurture the skills and confidence of our players to build a thriving club community. We will continue a proud history as a family friendly, all-inclusive club that adds significantly to Brisbane’s Northern suburbs.

Our Vision

Kedron JAFC will be known as a values driven community hub. A community hub that is a public space, that brings people together to live our values expressed through our expectations, actions and interactions every day.

Our Values

Our Values are the principles and standards that represent our clubs’ beliefs, trust, faith and confidence in our vision and purpose. Our behaviours are the way in which one acts or conducts oneself – especially towards others.

Our Purpose, Vision and Values are central to building a club that is successful not just on the field, but as a thriving club community that is also trusted with helping young people grow and develop.

They were created by the Kedron JAFC 2023 Committee in multiple sessions facilitated by Craig McBrien from Groundwork CoachingWe thank them all for the time and commitment it took to further strengthen our great club.

Our Purpose, Vision and Values are to be used in conjunction with our Code of Conduct which outlines the Club’s expectations for a player’s parents, step-parents, guardians, grandparents, extended family members, family friends and carers (collectively, parents). 

These are endorsed by the Kedron JAFC Committee

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