Kedron (District) Football Club

The club was formed in 1937 with the amalgamation of the Kedron and Wooloowin Past Pupils' Football Associations. They trained at Melrose Park, Kalinga for many years before moving to Gibson Park at Stafford. In 1963 the club took out a seven-year lease on land at 24 Mercer Avenue, Kedron which had been a rubbish tip and which was later named Mercer Park.

In 1970, a further 28 year lease was granted, taken out by the Queensland Australian Football League.

The Kedron Football Club have spent enormous amounts of time and money in building their headquarters.

The Kedron Sporting Club began operating in 1976.  All funds associated with building this club were raised by members and supporters of the Kedron Football Club.

In 2006 the Kedron Football Club Incorporated was granted a further five year lease by the Brisbane City Council.