DISCLAIMER: these clips were filmed before the introduction of new rules and regulations in relation to the current national and global Covid-19 situation. We encourage correct social distancing measures to be taken when completing these exercises.


Hey Redleggers!


We've designed some workouts specifically for you guys to get involved in while you can't play footy. They're perfect to have a crack at in your bedroom or you house or in your backyard! They require little to no equipment so it's super easy to get involved.


We recommend working through these workout twice on each day you're meant to train during the week to keep you in some form of routine.


Be sure to send us a clip of you getting involved and send it through to one of our social media pages (linked below).


We hope you're all staying safe and healthy during these crazy times and we can't wait to see your faces back at the club as soon as it's safe again!


Take care Redleggers!

KDJFC Committee :)

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To all families of our players at the Kedron Lions Juniors,


Please note that the AFLs recommendation is for players & coaches to follow the government advice on social distancing to help play our role in stopping the transmission of Covid-19  and NOT train in groups until advised otherwise by the AFL & State/Federal Government.


In the meantime this is what we CAN do;

1. To keep our players active and continuing to work on their skills – we will send you fortnightly emails with suggested activities.  The links below show Touch/Fundamental kicking and handballing activities for your children to do, at home, with parents/ guardians or other siblings.


Touch Activities - use any ball to keep up your touch and practice your coordination  (550 touches in each drill)


Fundamentals of the art of kicking – watch this clip with your children.  Help them practice the 3 critical learning points (2:14 point in clip).  Start with the drop punt.  If their skills are more advanced, try extending their skills to torpedos or banana/snap kicks.


Fundamentals of the handball – show players the correct technique.  100 handballs on each hand


2. For games and competitions  that the players can get involved in at home. If you don’t already follow our pages,   


Facebook   Instagram



Please all stay safe & well, as we all have to play our role to flatten the curve so we can all get back to what we love doing hopefully sooner rather than later!!