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2024 Key Dates

Please note: These dates are correct at the time of publishing but are subject to change due to inclement weather or at the discretion of the Kedron JAFC Committee. These dates will be updated as required.



























Wednesday, 24th 

Monday, 22nd

Tuesday, 30th


Thursday, 1st

Thursday, 15th

Friday, 16th

Friday, 23rd


Saturday, 24th

Wednesday, 20th

Thursday, 7th

Thursday, 14th

Sunday, 17th

Monday, 18th

Sunday, 24th

Thursday, 28th


Monday, 1st

Monday, 8th

Wednesday, 10th

Friday, 19th

Friday, 19th

Saturday, 20th 

Saturday 27th

Saturday 26th

Saturday 27th

Wednesday, 1st



Saturday, 4th

Saturday, 6th

Saturday, 11th

Saturday, 13th

Saturday, 13th

Saturday, 18th

Saturday, 20th

Saturday, 20th

Saturday, 25th

Saturday, 27th

Saturday, 27th

Saturday, 1st

Saturday, 3rd

Saturday, 3rd

Monday, 5th

Saturday, 8th

Saturday, 10th

Saturday, 10th

Saturday, 10th

Saturday, 15th

Saturday, 17th

Saturday, 17th

Saturday, 22d

Saturday, 29th

Sunday, 6th

Wednesday, 12th

Thursday, 13th

Saturday, 15th

Saturday, 15th

Saturday, 15th

Saturday, 22nd

Saturday, 22nd

Saturday, 22nd


Saturday, 29th

Saturday, 29th

Saturday, 29th

Saturday, 5th

Saturday, 5th

Saturday, 5th

Saturday, 12th

Saturday, 12th

Wednesday, 16th

Friday, 18th

Saturday, 19th

Sunday, 20th 

Saturday, 26th

Sunday, 27th

Saturday, 2nd

Friday, 8th

Thursday, 23rd

Round 1 of Fair Play Vouchers opens

Under 17 Boys Training begins this week

Under 15 & Under 13 Boys Training begins


PlayHQ National Transfer window opens

Youth mouth guard fittings in clubhouse

Initial Youth team nominations due

GIRLS ONLY Auskick sessions begin

MIXED Auskick sessions begin


Junior Coaches appointed

Uniform Shop open for Youth uniform fittings 

Uniform Shop open for Youth uniform fittings

Youth practice match 1

Final Youth Team Nominations due

Youth practice match 2

Youth Coaching 2023 Accreditation due

AFLQ Team Manager online education sessions

Junior Coaching 2023 Accreditation due

AFLQ Junior Team nominations close

Junior Training begins

AFLQ Junior draw released

Footy4Fun Age Dispensation Dealine

Youth Round 1 (grading 1)

Junior Round 1

Auskick finishes / Auskick Wrap Party

Youth Round 2 (grading 2)

FairPlay Vouchers close 

Sir Doug Nicholls Round

Youth Round 3 (grading 3)

Junior Round 2

Youth Round 4 (grading 4, final grading game)

Junior Round 3

Superstars Round 1

Youth Round 5 (part bye)

Junior Round 4

Superstars Round 2

Youth Round 6

Junior Round 5

Superstars Round 3

Youth Round 7

Junior Round 6

Superstars Round 4

Junior Mid-Season Entry

Youth Round 8

Junior Round 7

Superstars Round 5

U11 Restructure

Youth Round 9

Junior Round 8

Superstars Round 6





Junior Team photos

Youth Team photos

Youth Round 12

Junior Round 9

Superstars Round 7

Youth Round 13

Junior Round 10

Superstars Round 8

Junior Super Saturday cupcake stall

Youth Round 14

Junior Round 11

Superstars Round 9

Youth Round 15

Junior Round 12

Superstars Round 10 (final round)

Youth Round 16

Junior Round 13

Final Junior Training (BBQ)

U9 Girls final round

Junior Carnival Round (final round)

Youth Semi Finals

Superstars & Junior Presentation Day


Youth Prelim finals

Youth Grand finals


Youth Best & Fairest Presentation


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